Simply use this "Contact Us" link to describe to us what kind of design that would suit you best. You can tell us literally anything that comes to your mind and we will design it for you. There are no fees for the designing process whatsoever but you can always buy the design or art that we created for your own use and if you don't like what we came up with, we can redo it all over again! Any suggestions for our site are welcome too! Don't forget to read our guideline to send a valid request!


  • You can use "" to send us images, illustrations etc. for us to understand you better,

  • Some designs can take more time than the others,

  • If the design you want is copyrighted we can't design it,

  • We will try to reply to your messages as soon as we can but if we couldn't reply to you in a week please resend your message,

  • If you want a little change on an already existing product or if you want something similar to that product's design or art, please don't forget to tell us the name of that product or copy/paste the link of it,

  • You can always buy our art or our design files, just mention it and we will guide you, 

  • Finally, please don't forget to mention what product(t-shirt, phone case, hoodie etc.) do you want us to put your design on.


    "Everything that's on your mind is precious."